Our Russian Blue breeding was born in 2005, just for fun, thanks to Anna Maria Bono of Lara’s breeding who let us discover the complicated world of the cat shows so, with her help, we have decided to start breeding these wonderful creatures.

We have a family Russian Blue Cats’ breeding, not a “factory of cats”.
This means that all our kittens are growing up surrounded with care and love.

Our Russian Blue kittens are really lovely character, accustomed to human contact and to cuddles, just because they are grown up at home.

All our breeding cats are negative to the FELV FIV, so they are in perfect health.
If you are interested in visiting our breeding, we are always ready to welcome everybody loves this breed, by appointment.

  • If only it could talk ... but he speaks it is I who do not feel this
    This is the Russian Blue

  • With all the love of Emiliano and Daniela world

  • Emerald eyes always cheerful and passionate
    This is the Russian Blu

  • always straight and attentive ears to better hear the master
    This is the Russian Blue

  • Ash-colored cloak of a fireplace in winter and soft as velvet valuable
    This is the Russian Blue

  • sweet natured, cuddly, it manages to establish a relationship of mutual respect
    This is the Russian Blue

  • Soft feet, perfect and strong
    This is the Russian Blue

  • fast, agile, curious cat, gives unique sensations
    This is the Russian Blue

  • Conceals itself the royalty of ancient courts Russe
    This is the Russian Blue

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